About me


More than 40 years of made in Italy

Sergio Pilastri was born in Florence in 1960. He made his first steps as a potter in 1976. He soon decided (1980) to start his own business and made an impact in the world of pottery. 

In 2000, together with sculptor Piero Sbarluzzi, are commissioned to replace 200 panels for the Vatican gardens. 

In 2002, he is commissioned to create a baptismal font you can admire in Immacolata Concezione Church in Ginestra Fiorentina, near Florence. The work was so well appreciated, in 2014 he created 3 ceramics panels representing Nativity, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus for the small chapel in Carcheri. 

His career peak arrived in 2016 and 2017 when Sergio collaborates with Lucio Perone and Francesco Simeti, international Italian artists, creating works for Montelupo Fiorentino, town of very famous pottery tradition. 

Currently he is collaborating with Maurizio Galante, and Tal Lancman, international fashion designers for new form of art.

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Who I am
(and who I'll never be)

If you pass by the streets of Ginestra Fiorentina, a small village in the province of Florence, and you ask for Sergio Pilastri, people will immediately ask you if you want to buy Ceramics from him. 

Sergio has always been a potter, he has always breathed ceramics and has been influenced by the greatest potters of the historic Montelupo Fiorentino.

Father and chronic optimist, Sergio sees life with positivity, which is why he is appreciated first as a person and then as an artist. If you have the opportunity to talk with him you will understand the meaning of the simplicity of life and his art. 

A unique simplicity, like his art, is reflected in every action, in every work, in every brushstroke.

“I WILL NEVER BE an artist who feels superior to others. 

Art is not being one step above the others, art is sharing with the world, and to do so, you go down among the people.

I WILL NEVER BE an artist without an opinion, my opinion is what sets me apart, without that, I would not be who I am.

I WILL NEVER BE what you want, if you want me, you will accept my art. You don’t become an artist by pleasing everyone.


Sergio Pilastri